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The only candidate you will come across in your life who has both photographed Tyra Banks and provided policy recommendations to the Canadian Armed Forces’ commander in chief. Adam brings a uniquely diverse skillset rooted in a history of entrepreneurship and social engagement. His LGBTQ+ awareness/arts campaign has had its projects covered by CBC, The Toronto Star, The Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Sun, NOW Magazine, BlogTO, CP24, CTV, and numerous radio shows. He combines his creative and advocacy work with geopolitical analysis via an ecosystem of NATO-affiliated NGOs.


Through my work with the NATO Association of Canada ("NAOC"), I produce foreign policy analysis and journalistic articles on foreign affairs. As the NAOC's Head of Partnerships and Development, I source funding and donations in support of our programming.


I bring eight years of experience in visual content production, specializing in video and photo production. Past clients include BELL Media, Intercontinental Hotel Group, HelloFresh, Cutler and Gross, The City of Toronto, and Pride Toronto.


I founded and direct LoveisLoveisLove, an LGBTQ+ arts campaign. To date, LLL has engaged half a million people, produced a number of large-scale installations, and is currently piloting a number of other initiatives.


I believe in leaving places better than you found them. For every project I work on, I try to find innovative ways to add extra value for my clients and employers. I believe in the importance of being a flexible service provider. My skills and interests are highly diverse. I leverage this to provide holistic solutions to my clients where possible. For many, there's a tade-off between communication and analysis. People typically specialize in one or the other. I do both.


Not only can I provide substantive insights into intellectual problems -- whether that means brand strategy, media engagement, fundraising, policy analysis, and so on -- I can execute on communicating these insights. My holsitic approach means that my labour is more than the sum of its parts. Projects are designed so that, from beginning to end, there's a clear vision of how every aspect fits together. Research is done with an eye on communication, communication is done with an understanding of the underlying research.



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