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With eight years of experience in freelance content production, I help clients communicate and engage with a variety of audiences. Working in both B2B and B2C contexts, I consult clients on how to best meet their needs and maximize value for their budgets. My specialization is in social media content, particularly short, punchy videos. I produce high quality photography, with a focus on headshot and food photography. While the core of my work is in video and photography, I'm moderately experienced in graphic design and website development. Taken as a whole, I am often able to provide clients with a one-stop solution for their needs, providing competitive rates through efficient workflows and factoring out the costs associated with hiring multiple freelancers.

My work with Flixel Inc. is a case example of how I can bring success to your company. As their content vendor, I was trusted by them to integrate their "cinemagraph" technology on America's Next Top Model, who they were in partnership with. While on the show, I produced behind-the-scences content that added an estimated $50k in value to Flixel's platform. After shooting a commercial for them in Hong Kong, I went on to be their lead photographer for several brand activations produced in partnership with firms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. In this capacity, I consulted on project management and workflows. I then produced a corporate documentary which they used as an asset for one of their funding rounds. I filmed the documentary in New York City while managing an editor in Toronto. The documentary was instrumental in the company meeting their funding goals, and was directly responsible for a $500k buy-in from one investor.

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