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Analysis + Policy + Politics

I provide analysis on a variety of topics, with a focus on international affairs. This is primarily done through my work with the NATO Association of Canada. My writing trends towards cyber and tech-related topics. In the past I have written about cyberwar and law, the various positive applications of biometric technology, and the exploit market (exploits are an indispensable component of malware and hacking). While my writing has loose specializations, I maintain a wide knowledge base and can speak eloquently about policy and issues of all sorts. For example, I can write comfortably about trade and economic-related issues, such as currency politics and sanctions policy. My qualitative research and analysis is supported by working knowledge of quantitative analysis, instilled through my masters program at the Munk School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. I have working knowledge of statistics, econometrics, and both micro and macroeconomics.

The deliverables I can produce include white papers, jurisdictional scans, program evaluation, literature reviews, and policy briefs. For firms that work outside policy and politics, I can provide analysis on market positioning, competitor analysis, content plans, marketing plans, project proposals, and grant applications.

Beyond writing, my work in politics and policymaking extends towards program development for the NATO Association of Canada, as well as my own programs that I am developing under their aegis. At the moment I am developing a conference educating youth on cyber issues, which will launch in late April 2019. As a longer-term project I am working on putting together a knowledge exchange program that will connect Canadian firms with political stakeholders in the Balkan region. As part of this initiative I fundraised for an exploratory mission in Slovenia and Serbia, which occurred in October 2018.


Photos from the 2018 NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Halifax. Myself, along with the co-founders of the Canadian Youth Atlantic Treat Association, were able to meet Canadian Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller.

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